• In Cerdanyola del Vallès there are some interesting museums where you can learn lots of differents things.

  • There is a museum called Ca n'Oliver. 
It's an archaeology site  located on a hill. The museum is divide in two parts:
There are two exibition rooms,
in one of them there's an exibition of more than 500 object found on the excavations.
The other part is called: The iberian town. 
There are some copies, two houses and one studio.

The Iberian Town
  • There is another museum called Ca n'Ortadó.

Ca n'Ortadó is an old summer house nineteenth-century style built around 1930 by taking advantage of existing buildings. The building, designed by architect Joaquín Lloret, inspired by a Catalan farmhouse surrounded by a garden of romantic taste.
By the moment is closed because of reforms.
Ca n'Ortadó

  • Finally ther's an art museum named Museu d'art de Cerdanyola.
This museum is also called  Can Domènech.
L'exposició permanent es vertebra en el modernisme i amb la colònia d'artistes de Cerdanyola. Temporalment comprèn el període entre 1880 i 1930, temps en què la vila era lloc d'estiueig de part de la burgesia catalana i especialment barcelonina. La vila es va convertir en un nucli cultural gràcies a la visita d'artistes com Enric Granados, Pau Casals, Ismael Smith, Josep de Togores i Carles Buïgas, entre d'altres.
  • The collection is divided into five areas:

  1. Family-Buïgas Balcells, with special attention to the work of Cayetano Buïgas Eduard Maria Balcells and Charles Buïgas.
  2. Ismael Smith Marine: An unusual and peculiar character with a style full of sarcasm and ambiguity.
  3. Modernism: Taking advantage of the space of the old dining room, exposed the pair of original stained reform that took place Balcells, which highlights the Triptych ladies Cerdanyola declared National Cultural Heritage. There are also works by Jose Limon, Lambert scale Marian Burgués, Joan Lluís Bru Vilatobà, among others.
  4. Josep de Togores: Artist Cerdanyola, the museum dedicates a space where you can see works recorded in modernism, the twentieth century, Surrealism and painting of postwar Catalan.
  5. Novecentista Cologne: works by Josep Viladomat, Manuel Humbert, Marian Espinal, Joan Commeleran, and Oscar Alberto Lena, Valentine Brown, Josep Coll, Joan Vila Puig Francesc Juventeny.
Can Domènech.

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