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Cerdanyola del Vallès is a beautiful town in Catalonia, Spain.  It has some tourist points.
It's near Barcelona, you can go by car (20 min) or by public transportation (30).

There is a university called UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and there are some museums too.

Ca n'Oliver's museum
There is a museum called Ca n'Oliver. It's an archaeology site  located on a hill. The museum is divide in two parts:

  • The museum: There are two exibition rooms, in one of them there's an exibition of more than 500 object found on the excavations.
  • The iberian town: There are some copies, two houses and one studio.

Ca n'Oliver is a part from: Ruta dels Ibers           Xarxa de Museus i Jaciments Arqueològics de Catalunya

The Iberian town.

  • There is a big, old castle in Cerdanyola called 'Castell de Sant Marçal'.Is very beautiful. You can visit it by yourself or in some tours.
Castell de Sant Marçal

  • There is also a natural park,Collserola in Collserola range. There are lots of diferent kinds of animals and plants there. There are also some picnic areas to enjoy your meal with your family or friends in the forest. You can see diferent kinds of eagles and other birds, too.
  • For more information clic here --> Parc Natural Collserola

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